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What is Africa Awareness Week?

Afrikindness is excited to introduce Africa Awareness Week, a special initiative aimed at promoting cultural awareness, diversity, and kindness among students as part of the Black History Month celebration.

It is a dynamic learning experience that will take students on an exciting journey through the history, culture, and lifestyle of Africa. It is a holistic and engaging experience aimed to inspire curiosity and cultural awareness in students across schools in the UK. The week-long event is designed for schools to foster inclusivity and promote a deeper understanding of Africa’s rich heritage.

Challenging the narratives

Why Africa
Awareness Week?

Africa Awareness Week was founded to foster cultural awareness, diversity, and kindness among students as part of the UK Black History Month celebration. We recognize the negative narratives, myths, and misconceptions about Africa that perpetuate harmful stereotypes, leading to racial bullying and a sense of inferiority.

Our mission is to challenge these narratives and create a balanced view that celebrates the beauty of Africa's diversity and promotes cultural inclusiveness, kindness, and racial harmony in schools. We firmly believe that by fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of African culture, we can empower children and young people to embrace their identity, find purpose and drive, and break the cycle of self-doubt

Bunmi Owolabi
Founder, Afrikindness

Our Mission

To foster positive racial identity
development in children and young people

Our Objectives

To help children learn, appreciate and celebrate other cultures and race by building their racial knowledge and celebrating cultural diversity in schools. And not stopping there, helping children of colour develop a positive racial identity, supporting teachers and parents by building their racial knowledge, and creating public awareness on the impact of identity crisis on young people's mental health.

Working together with schools, parents, charities, and organizations, we aim to do the following 5 things.

1. Celebrate Cultural Diversity

Students will learn about African cultures and explore the diverse traditions, languages, music, dance, and art forms that make Africa unique.

2. Foster Diversity & Inclusion

By learning about Africa's diverse history and contemporary society, students will develop a greater understanding of cultural differences and the need to nurture empathy and respect for all individuals.

3. Increase respect and understanding of other culture & race

In order to demonstrate the importance of racial diversity in our interactions with each other, we must teach children to acknowledge and celebrate differences while learning to accept them too. Students of African descent will have a sense of pride & identity nurtured which will foster racial harmony

4. Promote Kindness and Global Citizenship

Through interactive activities and discussions, students will explore the importance of kindness, empathy and develop an appreciation of the challenges faced by African communities.

5. Encourage Critical Thinking

Students will be encouraged to develop critical thinking skills through thought-provoking activities that explore differences among cultures and how they affect family lifestyles.

This Year's Theme: IDENTITY

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Awareness Week, October 2024


  • Teachers’ resource – Information Pack

  • Teachers’ workshop on Identity & Cultural Inclusiveness in Schools

  • Tales by Moonlight

  • Cultural dances

  • Art Exhibitions

  • Competitions

  • Dress-up day

  • Prizes to be won

And Lots More...

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  • Webinar: Identity Crisis and Cultural Inclusiveness

  • Afrikindness Podcasts

  • Dress-up Day

  • Educative session

  • Children at home pack

  • Interactive educational resources for children

  • Quizzes, Games, Polls

And Lots More...

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  • Diversity Training

  • 5-day challenge

  • Webinar sessions

  • Afrikindness Podcast

  • Lectures on African history and culture

And Lots More...

Partner With Us
What to Expect

The week-long celebration will include educational workshops, community service projects, and outreach initiatives to promote cultural awareness and celebrate African heritage. Afrikindness will provide lots of ideas and resources for schools, parents and children to celebrate Africa Awareness week.

We believe that Africa Awareness Week is an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate African heritage and culture. We believe that it will be an exciting experience for your students, providing them with a broader perspective on the world and fostering a sense of global citizenship. It is a time to recognize the contributions of African people to world history, culture, and civilization, and to promote unity, pride, and self-awareness among people of African descent.


What's being said about
Africa Awareness Week

“Afrikindness exists to foster positive racial identity development, advance racial harmony and promote acts of kindness amongst children and young adults, igniting a desire in them to make a positive impact in their communities. As part of Black History Month, Africa Awareness Week is a key enabler to helping children learn, appreciate and celebrate culture and race by building their racial knowledge and celebrating cultural diversity in schools. Having lived and worked in Africa, I can testify from first hand experience, when young people experience the tapestry of Africa's rich heritage, they feel a deeper connection to Africa, enhance their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Through raising awareness, we will be able to realise our vision to create a world where every child transforms their community and makes a difference through Kindness.”

Sukwinder Bassi

Sukwinder Bassi

Chair of Trustees, Afrikindness

“These school resources are an excellent support for Africa Awareness Week- enabling pupils to come together and celebrate African culture and foster a true understanding of inclusion and diversity.”

Carolyn Dickinson

Carolyn Dickinson

Trustee (Education) Afrikindness
South West Hub Director, Avanti Schools Trust

UBUNTU - I am because we are

Far too often people think of themselves as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole world. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity
- Desmond Tutu

What’s On Africa Awareness Week in 2024

School Resources

Explore Africa and Celebrate Black History Month with Our School Resources. Read More

Teacher's Training

There will be a training workshop for teachers on Identity & Cultural Inclusiveness. Read More

Art Competition

Unleash your inner artist and showcase your talent in our exciting art competition! Read More

School Assembly Activities

Inspire Through Diversity: School Assembly Activities with Black African Celebrities. Read More

Afrikindness Podcast

Listen to the Afrikindness Podcast on Youtube or Buzzsprout

School Local Events

There are so many events lined up for schools. Register Now to Partake.

2024 Theme: Identity

October 7th - 13th