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Partner with Africa Awareness Week

Africa Awareness Week is not just an event; it's a movement that breaks stereotypes, celebrates African culture, and promotes inclusive education. By partnering with us, your organization aligns with a cause that goes beyond boundaries, fostering understanding, and creating a cultural tapestry of unity. As a partner, you contribute to changing narratives and building bridges. Together, let's redefine awareness and make a lasting impact.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Breaking Stereotypes: Challenge preconceived notions and contribute to a more informed and tolerant society.
  • Cultural Pride: Showcase your commitment to celebrating the richness and diversity of African heritage.
  • Inclusive Education: Support initiatives that promote inclusive education, breaking down barriers for children and young people.
  • Global Impact: Extend your reach across borders, connecting with audiences in the UK and Africa.
  • Brand Visibility: Benefit from prominent visibility across our platforms and events.

Let's Redefine Awareness Together. Join Africa Awareness Week in rewriting the narrative. Partner with us to create a world where diversity is celebrated, stereotypes are shattered, and cultural pride knows no bounds.

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Sponsor a Child's Dream: Support Our Events.

Africa Awareness Week invites you to be a beacon of support for children's events in the UK and Africa. Sponsorship goes beyond financial contributions; it's an investment in shaping the future. Your support enables us to organize impactful events that empower, educate, and bring joy to children on two continents.

Sponsorship Opportunities include:

  • Kids Academy: Nurture young minds through our K.I.D.S Academy, focusing on critical thinking, self-development, and habit formation.
  • Ubunthu Programs: Foster a sense of community and empathy through our Ubunthu programs, creating a positive impact on young lives.
  • Mental health events for Young people of African descent
  • EMPOWER project: connecting children to their cultural roots

Your Impact:

  • UK and Africa: Make a difference locally and globally by sponsoring events that resonate with children in both the UK and Africa.
  • Brand Recognition: Gain visibility as a supporter of children's well-being and education.
  • Community Engagement: Show your commitment to community engagement and corporate social responsibility.

Sponsor a child's event and become a catalyst for positive change. Your contribution will echo across continents, creating ripples of joy, learning, and unity. Request for our Corporate Partnership Brochure today! Send an email to

2023 Theme: Identity

October 9th - 15th