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2024 Theme: IDENTITY


The week-long celebration will include educational workshops, community service projects, and outreach initiatives to promote cultural awareness and celebrate African heritage. Afrikindness will provide lots of ideas and resources for schools, parents and children to celebrate Africa Awareness week.

For More Information


  • Teachers’ resource – Information Pack

  • Teachers’ workshop on Identity & Cultural Inclusiveness in Schools

  • Tales by Moonlight

  • Cultural dances

  • Art Exhibitions

  • Competitions

  • Dress-up day

  • Prizes to be won

And Lots More...


  • Webinar: Identity Crisis and Cultural Inclusiveness

  • Afrikindness Podcasts

  • Dress-up Day

  • Educative session

  • Children at home pack

  • Interactive educational resources for children

  • Quizzes, Games, Polls

And Lots More...


  • Diversity Training

  • 5-day challenge

  • Webinar sessions

  • Afrikindness Podcast

  • Lectures on African history and culture

And Lots More...

2024 Theme: Identity

October 7th - 13th