Summary of the story

In the adventurous children's story "7 Journeys," sisters Jasmine and Ellie stumble upon a magical portal in their toilet cubicle, leading them to the historical era of the Ancient Benin Kingdom. Spanning seven distinct journeys, the girls forge deep connections with locals Imade and Nosa, while learning about a rich culture steeped in tradition and mystery.

Caught up in royal disputes and age-old traditions, they grapple with moral dilemmas, learning values of courage and unity. Their travels back and forth between the ancient world and modern England are fueled by a mission to save their friends and a kingdom in turmoil, guiding them to seek the counsel of Dr. Henry Thompson, a scholar of ancient African civilizations.

"7 Journeys" encapsulates adventures that intertwine fate and choice, immersing young readers in a narrative rich with history, bravery, and the spirit of friendship. It's a heart-warming tale that fosters a love for history and encourages understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, delivering both excitement and valuable lessons for young children

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Do you know Omo N'Oba N'Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo?

2023 Theme: Identity

October 9th - 15th