Join Us in Celebrating Africa Awareness Week 2023 and Black History Month: Unveiling Our Exciting Lineup of Events!

We're thrilled to share our event schedule, featuring a rich array of activities for all. From empowering teachers' training workshops and insightful parent webinars to engaging panel discussions, captivating podcasts, vibrant school events, and spirited competitions, our lineup is designed to illuminate the themes of culture, kindness, and identity.

All our events are absolutely free and open to everyone. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn, connect, and celebrate. Mark your calendars, sign up for as many events as you like, and spread the word throughout your networks.

Why should you take part? Because, as an African proverb wisely reminds us, 'In celebrating culture, we celebrate ourselves.' These events offer a chance to not only learn but also to engage in meaningful conversations that celebrate our shared heritage, promote kindness, and deepen our understanding of identity.

Join us in this inspiring celebration of Africa Awareness Week and Black History Month. Let's come together and make a positive impact!

5th October
Teachers’ Training workshop

Embrace Every Story: Navigating the Landscape of Identity in Modern Classrooms

5 October 2023
16:00 – 18:00

Do you wish to empower your students to understand and appreciate their unique identities while navigating the complexities of racial diversity in schools? The Embrace Every Story workshop empowers teachers to foster positive racial identity development, celebrate diversity, and create a classroom where every student's story is heard, understood, and appreciated. Don’t Miss This Training! Register Now!

9th October – 9th November
School Art Competition

Colours of Africa Art Extravaganza

9 October 2023 – 9 November 2023

Join the vibrant canvas of creativity in our "Colours of Africa" Art Competition!
Schools across the nation are already unleashing their artistic talents. Don't miss the chance to showcase your students' artwork and win fantastic awards, including certificates and accolades for both students and schools. Let's paint a brighter future together!

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9th October – 15th October
School & Home Activities

Africa Awareness Week - Unlock a World of Learning

9 October 2023 – 15 October 2023

Dive into Our Exciting, Educative, and Fun Children's Activities all through the week. Dive into our extensive collection of free, high-quality lesson plans designed to enrich the learning experience for educators, parents and students alike. To gain access to this wealth of educational resources, simply REGISTER. Whether you are a School, a teacher, a parent, home tutor, or guardian, we have lots of engaging contents for you. Celebrate Black History Month in its finest!

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30th October
Parent Webinar

Tackling the Mental Health and Identity Crisis of Children

30th October
5pm – 6.30pm

Join us for a crucial parent webinar addressing children's mental health and identity challenges across continents. Discover the significance of this event as we delve into the staggering statistics of racial bullying, identity challenges and stereotypes and its impact on children's well-being. We will bring experts views to why black parents are parenting ‘out of fear’ and look at strategies and tips of supporting the mental health of children from diverse backgrounds in the UK. We will be hosting experts in the field of Mental health, Diversity and Inclusion and Children education. Mark the date, and let's make a positive change together.

9th October – 13th October

5-Day Challenge and The Big Promise

9 October – 13 October 2023
5 Challenges – 5 Minutes – 5-Days

This week-long event serves as an excellent means for employees to celebrate African culture and heritage, promoting diversity and unity within the workplace. The 5-day challenge has 5 activities that will take 5 minutes to complete for 5 days – they include inspiring videos. You can also listen to our engaging podcast on Myths and Misconceptions etc. On the last day, you will be ready to make a Big Promise. We also have activities like Volunteer to Encounter and a Support Appeal for Libya and Morocco. Get involved Today! Share with other colleagues and friends. Challenge is open for participation all through the year.

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10th October
School & Home Activities

Shaping Identities, Nurturing Minds: The Intersection of Racial Identity and Mental Health of Young People

10th October 2023

In a rapidly changing world, young people are navigating the complex terrain of racial identity like never before. The intertwining challenges of identity development and mental health have never been more critical to address. Join us for a thought-provoking and insightful round table discussion as we explore the profound impact of racial identity crisis on the mental well-being of children and young people.

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2023 Theme: Identity

October 9th - 15th