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Celebrating the Crown: The Story and Significance of Black Hair

Black hair is an essential chapter in the rich tapestry of Black History.
From intricate braids to glorious afros and elegant locs, our hair weaves a narrative of the Black experience and our enduring heritage

"How we choose to style our hair is a profound form of self-expression and identity, deeply embedded in Black culture, passed down through generations"

It's vital for everyone, especially children, to grasp the significance of Black hair. Understanding the beauty and cultural significance of afro hair fosters empathy and respect.

Explore the world of Black and Afro Hair written by Abies Sonia

World afro day

Let’s Talk About Hair

Willow, Taylor and Stella sit down with their dads to talk about their culture, their hair and how important it is to love yourself.

Help your child

What are your views about AFRO hair especially with Children?

2024 Theme: Identity

October 7th - 13th